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Are you considering executive coaching?

The type of personal development coaching offers is frequently focused on specific cultural or performance objectives. Executive coaching for leadership, team dynamics and work-life balance are examples of this.

Organisations or individuals may focus more generally on achieving enhanced managerial maturity. In this case, creativity, adaptability and personal accountability may take centre stage.

There are, however, common denominators:

  • Overall business performance is dependent on the individuals and the system (i.e. the organisation and/or industry sector)

  • Motivation in the system, whether positive or negative, is governed by value-driven communications

  • Most communication in the system is not immediately available to conscious thought but is implicitly lived through the decisions and actions of individuals and teams.


Choosing a coach or provider of coaching is an important stage in the coaching contacting process.

Evidence suggests that personal development through coaching releases the capacity for change. By their very nature, implicit patterns of decision-making are not available to higher thought and choice. Greater awareness of these introduces choice and accountability.

Coaching provides insight about personal impact: actual and desired.
How coaching works is less clear though it is critical that the work is grounded and contained within a philosophical and/or theoretical coaching framework.

Important for organisations interested in the wider but less tangible aspects to the concept of governance, resilience within the system depends on underlying stress responses. It is a slippery slope if key individuals are unable to act on their consciences.

An example of a coaching case can be found in this downloadable case study.