Dr June Fettes: Executive Coach

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Coaching Process

Preparatory phase
  1. 1. Initial Approach
    • From organisation's representative or individual client
    • By telephone, email or referral
  2. 2. Initial Meeting
    • Explore requirements of sponsoring organisation and the individual clients(s)
    • Discuss how the coach sees it
    • Explore coaching process (use of psychometrics, number and duration of meetings, support between meetings, venue, reviews, feedback and evaluation)
    • Explore charging and reporting basis
  3. 3. Further meetings as required to allow coach selection
  4. 4. Formal proposal with terms and conditions
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Contracting phase
  1. 5. Agree contract with individual client(s) to:
    • Confirm agreement and congruence between individual and organisational goals
    • Clarify boundaries of confidentiality, limits of any organisational feedback, timing of reviews and final evaluation
    • Arrange meeting dates, review dates etc.
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Coaching programme
  1. 6. Carry out coaching programme as agreed
  2. 7. Review against organisational and individual objectives/goals
  3. 8. Agree continuation or plan ending
  4. 9. Formally share experiences, achievements, future development needs etc
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Evaluation phase
  1. 10. Evaluation and final review with organisation as required.