Dr June Fettes: Executive Coach

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'Your style and approach to executive coaching which in my case was more of a sounding board/mirror suited my requirements really well and helped me to cope with periods of considerable stress and trauma much more successfully and maturely that I suspect I otherwise would have.'

Senior Director/Head of Operations in a major UK Bank

'expectations exceeded as I did not expect the coaching to be so in-depth and "tailored"to me. Helped to start resolving/changing some fairly deep-seated behaviours. At work I am starting to feel more confident about stating what I need/expect of situations.'

'I can now recognise the need to slow down, look at issues from different perspectives and address my work-life balance. I've ceased to expect everyone to have my same drive, energy, spirit and enthusiasm.'

I now have a range of tools/level of understanding which help me on a day-to-day basis. The coaching experience has helped me work through the negative aspects of my role over the last 12 months - helped me to deal with the tangible activity/work.'

'I believe that through the coaching process I have gained a great deal of understanding about myself and can therefore control my own emotions and reactions far better in demanding situations. I now have greater confidence in dealing in areas of potential conflict.'

'Learn to be less emotional in my reaction to conflict and more understanding of how to respond more effectively to my team. Increased self awareness has helped understand my strengths and weaknesses.'

'has helped me to develop the whole picture more consistently with balance and objectivity.'

'helped in my personal and professional life - made me feel happier, more fulfilled and given me greater perspective and balance in my view of the world. Coaching has given me the opportunity to explore my feelings about all areas of my life and how these feelings have directly affected my approach and behaviour in the working environment.'

Extracts form Evaluation Report, where 5 out of 6 clients gained benefit Executives from UK Holiday Airline